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About Us

MicroEmbedded Electronic (Beijing) LLC (abbreviation: Microembedded). By domestic and foreign practitioners in software, hardware, DSP and communications industry experienced professionals interested in open source software movement's co-founder. Located in Beijing's Zhongguancun high-tech research and development of enterprises gathered. The company's main business of software-defined radio, cognitive radio development, the Universal Software Radio (USRP) research and development, production, marketing and digital signal processing, VOIP technology, software, voice, data exchange technology, general embedded systems.

Microembedded independently develop and produce USRP1, USRP2, USRP B200, USRP E100, USRP N210, USRP X300 motherboards and other products, RFX 400, RFX 900, 1200, 1800,2200,2400, WBX, SBX, CBX, XCVR2450 and other products daughter board , BTS kit series, antenna series and improve the accuracy of the clock device products, Microembedded to meet market demand, integrated open-source GNU Radio, OpenBTS and OSSIE SDR developed a series of new products, including MiniBTS suite, at the same time according to customer the specific needs of the development of products and implementation of specific projects.

Microembedded domestic product sales mainly to the Institute as the core unit of a national secret, military forces Research Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Computer Science, aerospace hospital, radio BIPM, Ericsson and other provincial radio stations, but with more than 50 universities ( Peking University, Fudan University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, aerospace, Polytechnic, Science and Technology) to establish a cooperative relationship; inception of the company with foreign Ettus, Range Networks enterprises to establish cooperative relations, to further expand the development of open source software radio applications and products.